The day is upon us! Halloween is here! And that means treats. Considering many people have taken to spanning their Halloween festivities over multiple nights of fun we thought why not add a little something to your goodie bags by bringing you guys another special treat. A few weeks back we first debuted a laid back remix from Cence and since then we got to talking. This young producer just so happened to also have a few more tracks on deck that he was just looking for a good outlet for so here we are a few weeks later finally dropping the curtains on ‘NONCENCE Vol.2’. This latest installment of beats range all over the sound spectrum so be sure to give each tune a solid listen while you learn a little bit about Cence himself.

The Dankles: So you’re coming at us from pretty far away, can you introduce yourself and let the listeners know where you’re at?
 I come from Haifa, Israel. I immigrated to Israel from Russia at the age of 7, although Israel is a small country it’s a fun place. Everything is small and everyone knows everyone.

TD: How did you first begin to producer music, have you always produced electronically?
C: It all started from DJing.I started to DJ three years ago and then last year I had the thought, “If I’m DJing, I can make beats for my self and play them to crowds.” After that I downloaded Fruity Loops and started making beats. I still work on Fruity Loop and everyone is laughing at me for it. [Laughs] It’s bad software but I like that it is simple and convenient. I always connected more to electronic music though, do not even know why really.

TD:  You’re coming at us all the way from Israel, what kind of music scene do you guys have over there?
C: The truth is that there is a great scene. Most parties are for children aged 16 + and it’s not much fun (they always come and say play Skrillex! Play Skrillex!). They do not understand that I’m not playing that kind of music, it’s kind of funny. The 20+ gigs are more interesting. There people always come up after complementing me and appreciating my beats.

TD: Is there a large group of producers that you can work and interact with out there in Haifa?
C: Not really, I always work alone

TD: We are premiering you’re latest EP ‘NONCENCE Vol. 2’, can you tell our readers a little bit about what went into getting this EP together?
It started because of a few things. When I finished ‘OHHEY’ I suddenly liked it a lot and pushed to do more. I  still had 2-3 other tunes not released either so I said it’s time, you know? Then I decided that I have another EP on my hanes and this time it was more than 3 bits.

TD: Being that you’re still such a new face in the game have you had many opportunities to play in a live setting yet?
Of course! I started from Djing , I played a lot of parties, I even have a collection of posters in my room

TD: You tend to hone in on a more dark and ambient vibe; who are a few producers that inspire you to produce?

They all are good there is not really a first or second place!

TD: When you’re not working in the studio what are couple other things you keep yourself entertained with?
C: [Laughs] I’m always in the studio, it’s in my room, I always spend 2-3 hours a day sitting on this software, but in my spare time I go to the skate with the guys. That always makes my day wonderful

TD: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, any last words for those people out there?
C: I had a lot of fun! Thank you for everything! Many thanks to friends who support me  Thank you to those who took part in it

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