If you’re a regular over here at The Dankles the name of west coast bass producer TASO alone should start ringing some bells. For some time now he has been kind enough to fork over exclusives left and right as his sound continues to evolve on each release. His most recent EP ‘LB4$’ just dropped on Dov‘s forward thinking imprint Muti Music and right off the bat you can tell he is taking a different route with this one. Unlike some previous work we have seen from TASO, ‘LB4$’ takes us on a much more ambient, spacey adventure through time and bass. Per usual we want to give our family over at Level4 PR a huge shout for making this exclusive possible for you guys so make sure you crank those speakers on up and get a special free taste of ‘Tessera’ before you swoop the entire release over on Beatport.

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