We have been a little quieter than usual for a Tuesday so we thought why not spruce up the evening with a hot n’ fresh exclusive for you guys. Tonight we have a tune for you from a sprouting producer that goes by the name of Antler Music. This Oakland based producer has been hard at work on his second EP ‘Bang Bang’ and it just so happens we have the title track as an exclusive for you guys today! Now this EP has been a long time coming since his previous release with Brickwood Records, through living in Oakland our producer is exposed to countless hostilities and setbacks that in turn shine through in this release. His music seeks to seep out and coat the urban fabric that encapsulates him on a day to day basis. Major elements in his life such as finding true love and witnessing multiple shootouts all conjure their own forms of sound as they take shape on the entire ‘Bang Bang’ EP. Through crafting gritty swirling textures and sloshing them together with smooth jazzy, R&B, hip hop vibes Antler Music has sifted out the true beauty in his environment. ‘Bang Bang’ gives you a little taste of the jazzy elements Antler Music can lace into a well textured beat but you might just have to follow the links below to find out what the rest of the EP is truly about!

Get the Bang Bang EP here

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