The way the music community has evolved to the cohesive collective of artists that is it today is amazing. Producers are coming out of the woodwork left and right and many of them do what they can to give away their creations for free. With the internet being a major fueling force behind this along with a hand full of successful music platforms we are continuing to see collectives of artists spring up left and right, sometimes consisting of teams that span the entire globe. of This ability to connect gives lead to what we have for you guys today actually. The ‘Got Your Back Foundation Vol. 1’ is a twenty two track album of lush tumbling beats from a collection of talented producers from many different realms. Members from Team Supreme, Soulection, HW&W, and M|O|D all came together on this $5 release to help support another fellow producer so that he can continue his craft worry free! Now I won’t go in to listing off each producer that leant a hand in this compilation as you can see for yourselves below but man do we have a stacked line up in this one. Some of the creamiest of a new crop of producers have leant a beat for this collection so make sure you give her a good listen through and lend that five bucks if you’re able to as well!

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