The most recent installment of !K7’s renowned DJ Kicks mix series is brought to us by none other than Barcelona based DJ, John Talabot. The past year and a half has been nothing short of an inspiring success for Talabot’s unique sound. This time period marked the release of his debut album, ƒIN, which received  much deserved international praise and was often coined as 2012’s best album. Talabot also spent the majority of his 2012 touring around the globe with The XX, as well as nourishing his renowned label, Hivern, with a plethora of successful releases under its belt. Since wiping the slate clean of his previous alias, Talabot has managed to pave the way for a new breed of producers whose niche lies in the ability to mix deep house, disco and indie pop into perfectly obscure productions that reel in listeners with ambient promises.

Going into his !K7 DJ Kicks mix, Talabot knew that he didn’t want to make another mix catering to a club’s dance floor. Instead, he went into the mix wanting to show his fans a more concealed side of artistry, namely what his influences have been over the past 10 years and how his sound has evolved from them. The 27 track mix sports a unique selection of tracks whose progression in the mix allows us to get into the mind of Talabot and understand the depth of his creatively a little bit more. A clear highlight in the mix includes the Jurgen Paape remix of ‘Silikron’ by Kron, a track that Talabot often included in his sets when he first started spinning 15 years ago. Other standout tracks in the mix include the Motor City Drum Ensemble track ‘Escape to Nowhere’ and John Talabot’s exclusive release for the mix ‘Without You,’ which can be streamed on the SoundCloud link below.

Treat yourself this Wednesday by heading over to our friend Pitchfork’s site, where you can find an exclusive online stream of the highly anticipated mix. The official mix release date is on November 12th, you best bet we’ll be picking up a copy of this one!



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