Go Yama

Go Yama collaborated with Illusive and Tek.Lun to create the synth-heavy echoing track “Red Ones”. This song has all the bells and whistles to make a mid-tempo chillwave track. “Red Ones” has R&B soul with electronic beats woven into the piece. It starts off slow and emphasizes female vocals then leads into bubbling beats that enhances the track’s femininity. It transforms into a deep-cut when the song drops and gains tempo with hip-hop breakbeats. The dynamic trio of Go Yama, Illusive and Tek.Lun truly bring out the best of each other. I hope to see more of their work put out. They perfected the eery echoey synth sounds without overdoing it. The song is slightly dark but it’s murky tone is balanced out with soft, light high-pitched beats. It’s like swimming at the bottom of the ocean while looking up to see speckles of sunshine squeezing through the darkness. It’s fun, seductive and addicting.


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