The indie-pop project known as Painted Palms is readily gearing up for their debut album release January 14th.  Painted Palms is a pair of cousins(Reese Donohue & Christopher Prudhomme) that reside in foggy rolling hills of San Francisco.  The Polyvinyl signed duo released their first single from the new album, Forever, just last week and it’s now garnering a lot of attention due to it’s resemblance to one very, very iconic band.  After pressing play on the track below, listen all the way through and you’ll find yourself making comparisons to The Beatles Revolver era.  Polyvinyl Records is no stranger to psychadelic-oriented musicians and it seems they may have found the next big thing once again.

The psychedelic sounds found on “Spinning Signs” matched with a voice that is uncannily familiar really takes this track to a new level.  After listening to their last EP, Nothing Lasts Long, the lofty vocals and infectious rhythms are nearly impossible to deny, and it appears that we’re going to get more of the same on Forever.  “Spinning Signs” wastes no time with drawn-out intros; we jump right into the song with an acid-stained stuttering synth laid over a few distorted chords.  Before the chorus, we move into a free-flowing piece that feels like it has been painted in a technicolor dream world.  You’ll find yourself singing along in no time.  Be on the look out for more from Painted Palms because if this song is any indication, they’re going nowhere but up.

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