Galapagos - ZimmerWinter is quickly approaching and as the months go on, the leaves begin to turn and fall, while the temperature quickly drops. As time carries on, summer seems to be only a fleeting memory. If you’re missing those warm summer nights just as much as we are, Zimmer has provided us with the perfect remedy to cure our seasonal blues.

Over the years, French DJ Zimmer has continued to hone his craft and along with his signature funky style. He describes his work as a type of “horizontal disco”, a sound that takes nu disco and turns it on its head.  His work is often playfully complex, looking to stray away from the typical formula of disco and house  to give it a fresh and sexy sound. Zimmer has released several EPs of his own, as well as remixes of artists such as Rod Stewart, Chic and Tina Turner. He is also known for his mixtape podcast series and is a member of the supergroup, Fitness Club, along with Jupiter, Anoraak and Crayon. A member of the Portuguese artist collective D.I.S.C.O.Texas, Zimmer, along with other collective members such as Xinobi and Moullinex  have quickly become one of the driving forces of the disco house genre.

Yesterday the Parisian producer came out with his latest single, “Galapagos“, a track that seemingly transports you to the very island it’s named after. On his SoundCloud, he posts that the demo came about during a missed flight in Mexico City. The sound of “Galapagos” is heavy in dance and tropical influences, making it nearly impossible to sit still. The overall tone is one that is sophisticated and seductive, but also has a somber and melancholy feel. The vocals slowly lull over the drums and claps as if they were a haunting melody floating in the breeze. It’s a refined and beautifully composed nu disco track that will have you craving for the feeling of the sun on your face and your feet in the sand. The track has been released as a free download so make sure you grab it below.

Listen / Download: Galapagos – Zimmer



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