The ominous and dark sounds coming from your speakers are the sounds of True North.  Though still only a small artist with only a handful of releases, his potential is through the roof.  True North is a Australian producer, that grew up in Europe, and is signed to The Finer Things Records.  You might recall the exclusive mix and interview we conducted with the young artist last May (read more and download).  Tunes like “Metric” and “Bismuth” capture True North’s garage sound, but it’s forever changing and evolving into something hard to describe.  “Distance” is the newest garage tune from True North.  You might find yourself making comparisons to Burial or other UK garage acts.  Deep sub-rattling sounds will be emitted from your speakers, while the percussion gradually leads the way through the tune.  A distant and echoing vocal sample also appears on the track but it’s near impossible to make out the words.  There is no confirmed release date for this one yet but expect big things from True North and check out his SoundCloud page for more.


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