Never did I imagine I’d be writing about N’SYNC, but Los Angeles’ Easy Girl has lured me in with his newest remix.  Easy Girl is quickly making a name across the country with his addictive remixes.  It seems like it’s every week a new remix is released and I can’t wait until we get to hear an original because he keeps setting the bar higher and higher with each new release.  Maybe it’s song selection that lends itself to the great remixes because I find myself in awe that nobody’s thought to remix these tunes like Easy Girl.  In the past we’ve heard amazing remixes of Lorde, Grimes, Ellie Goulding and so many more.  Just take a peep at his SoundCloud page and you’ll find yourself pressing the follow button immediately.  I never thought N’SYNC held this potential but I’ve been proven wrong with this huge jersey club beat.  With jersey club’s still rising popularity it seemed to be just the right time for Easy Girl to give it a try, and SPOILER ALERT; he makes it sound easy and amazing.  Grab the free download and thank the lord Easy Girl is on this earth to give us these tunes.


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