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When looking up the definition of the term “artist” in the dictionary, one will find “a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill”. In no case will you find this definition more true than for Matthew Dear. Dear has transcended beyond being simply a producer and has earned himself the title of being an “electro-architect”, creating and sculpting music into a full blown creative experience.

The Texas-born Detroit-bred avant garde artist has been a pioneer in the electronic music scene for more than a decade. His first single emerged back in 1999 with the aid of legendary producer Disco D, and ever since then his career has only grown. His resume is stacked with accomplishments, including most famously the founding of Detroit record label Ghostly International which hosts a roster of talent such as Gold Panda, Com Truise, Tycho and Dabrye. His live performances are a multi-media experience that involve the crowd not only in sound, but through sight with his beautiful visual displays and effects. Stylistically his music is ever expanding, genre-hopping from minimal techno with artists such as Ritchie Hawtin and Seth Troxler to the Brian Eno influenced electronic style you often find in his self titled work.

Matthew Dear is an artist with many faces, working and producing under several aliases such as Jabberjaw and False in the early 2000s. His most well known and undoubtedly his most influential is his work under the hard hitting techno alias of Audion, which he has been producing under since 2004. The latest track to be released under Audion is “Motormouth”, the first of two new singles to be released for Audion XTo be released in December via Spectral Sound, Audion X will serve as a ten year retrospective and compilation album which will look back at Matthew Dear’s career. “Motormouth” is the first official new track we have heard from Audion X, and it is every bit as intelligent and complex as one would expect. It’s a pounding and pulsating techno beat right from the very start, and doesn’t let up. It’s heavily layered and intricate, weaving in and out of vocal samples at a staggering rate. The first track off of the compilation, Audion hits hard and comes on strong, giving the listeners the ideal first taste to commemorate the musical genre he has helped to pioneer over these past years. Listen to the track below and keep up with news on Audion X – as well as Audion’s upcoming 2014 Audio / Visual tour – here.

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