Over the past few years the festival scene has continued to shift and contort itself into a completely new realm of appeal. Instead of having festivals that appeal to one group of fans we are now seeings bills with large variation in their well selected queue of talent. Unfortunately sometimes this comes at a cost when you come to find out tickets to attend will cost you an arm and leg! With technology being as nifty as it is we have many new outlets for music listeners to tune in; whether they buy the stream online, log in to watch via YouTube, or tune in via Mixify it’s wild how people can catch live sets these days. We all know how testy video streams can be from time to time so Seclusiasis & Level 4 decided to cut that out of the picture entirely by using Mixify as a launchpad for their two day Street Bass Digital Festival. Gone are the lines and rowdy munchkins causing a muck and in their place you are left with two solid days of music from 12 gifted artists that is surely going to be packed to the teeth with bass!

The lineup is still sitting comfortably beneath a mysterious veil, but be sure to know that if Seclusiasis and Level 4 are this excited you guys better be too! The Dankles is teaming up with Do Androids Dance to bring you the Street Bass Digital Festival via Mixify on November 19-20th. While we know having a concealed line up for the time being can be iffy you will have to put some trust in us that this will be one for the books. So if you fancy yourself a little bass music and tend to find yourself not getting enough of it this is the perfect opportunity to tune in and expose your eardrums to budding new talent!

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