Back in the day, before The Dankles was born I was introduced to Hervé, a UK producer, that opened my eyes to the possibilities of dance music.  This was back when the States was really getting its first taste of bass-infused music.  Hervé’s remixes and originals seduced me with the jackin’ house sounds and didn’t let its grasp go.  It was almost like an early introduction to dubstep but with the 4/4 beat that I was more familiar with.  Hervé showed me jackin’ house and then he also gave me a brief introduction to jungle rhythms too.  I can surely credit many of my tastes today to the sounds Hervé was producing years ago.  The Lion EP picks up where I left off, give the release a rinse and learn to groove to a new beat.  If you enjoyed the EP check out Hervé’s Diplo and Friends mix from last month.

A little more info on Hervé:

Hervé is widely respected as one of the most influential innovators on the scene and the prolific producer is due to return on November 11th with his new three track EP ‘Lion’.  2013 has already seen two full releases by Hervé, including the stunning down-tempo, critically acclaimed album The Art Of Disappearing and the Chronic EP, a return to Hervé’s jacking bass-heavy best. The ‘Lion’ EP is another injection of icy cool house with a sinister hip-hop undercurrent confirming Hervé’s seemingly endless ability in the studio.  As well as a string of stand out releases, Hervé recently had aired a DJ mix for BBC Radio 1Xtra’s legendary ‘Diplo and Friends’ show. There’s also a mammoth collaboration with Zebra Katz due to drop early next year certifying that Hervé’s musical output is as on point as ever.


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