Pyxis, a midwestern producer, has dropped a expertly crafted Giraffage remix for your pleasure.  Hailing for the Louisville, Kentucky this young producer is still solidifying an overall sound but is well on his way.  Though Pyxis’ (born Andrew Rothbauer) is still collecting numbers on social media, the music speaking volumes about his talent.  If you’re unfamiliar with his work we suggest checking out his recent Disclosure edit and Bondax remix.  His sounds range from house music all the way to slow chillwave jams but don’t limit Pyxis to just that.  Today we show you his newest work, a remix of Giraffage’s “Undress U”.  Arguably one of Giraffage’s best tunes to date; Pyxis gives a solid effort to re-imagine the track in his own style.  Echoing vocals and an emphasis on percussion give the track form while a smooth rumbling bassline thumps to give texture.  Grab Pyxis’ remix for free below and look out for more in the near future.  We might even be seeing an exclusive mix coming down the pipes soon…


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