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Over the last year, London and Bristol based record label, PRISM, have quietly been building their resume. Their focus remains on quality over quantity, creating a tight knit business mentality that has supported up and coming acts such as Opal Block and Berlin-born, Paris-raised Evil Needle. Their debut release emerged last year with the critically acclaimed EP, “Grid Games,” from rapper/producer Jon Phonics,

Looking to strike while the iron is hot, PRISM has set their sights on the debut release of Ashley Thomas, otherwise known as OTIK. The London producer is only 20 years old, but already has begun to have signs of success. With two self released EPs under his belt as well as his single, “Souliva,” out on Fat! Records – OTIK is a fast rising star in the UK underground music scene. Persist, the eight track EP  from OTIK signifies his first collaboration with PRISM, and features remixes from artists such as Thefft, eplp, GoldFFinch and Artifact. Due out on November 25th, OTIK and PRISM have released the first taste of Persist, offering up the original track “Shackled.” “Shackled” is a deep and heavy house track with bouncing bass lines that are perfect for any late night DJ set. OTIK combines two vocal sets in the track, mixing together a pitched down and rough vocal against a much smoother and seductive female vocal line. This gives the track a playful and soulful feeling, giving it the perfect combination of hard and soft. It’s a fresh track that will grab your attention with a bass line that will stick with you all the way home.

Persist is due out at the end of the month, stay tuned on its release as well as the rest of PRISM’s artists here.

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