Sometimes hump day can be the hardest.  I seems as though the work-week or school will never let up, but don’t fear, before long Friday afternoon will be the breathe of fresh air that you needed all week.  Until then try to take a step back and give Sun Glitters’ new track a listen.  Sun Glitters is Victor Ferreira coming to your ears all the way from the blip on the map known as Luxembourg.  Victor describes his music was Summer obsessed and sun-drenched shoegaze and dreampop.  While other tracks from his catalog may be far more accurate, I interpret this track as perfect for brisk fall evenings.  “On My Way” even has some dark characteristics you don’t usually find in Sun Glitters’ tracks.  The track starts as ambient sounds filter in and out while a drum beat give the track a loose structure.  Then suddenly a few stuttering beeps later, a house beat is introduced and echoing vocals float somewhere in the distance.  There isn’t much of a lull in this track compared to some of the chillwave tracks of Sun Glitters’ past.  This one will hopefully have you grooving in no time.  If you enjoy the track grab the free download below.


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