Hayden James "Without You"

Hayden James took the song “Without You” originally by Dillon Francis and remixed it into a down-tempo, dreamy synth-pop track. Where Francis’s version has a slow incline to the tempo and turns into a dance track, James sticks to his roots and created a laid-back jam. It has a strong emphasis on the kick drum that heavily bumps through the entire track. He’s added high-pitch female vocals and the beat is slightly off-putting and wonky but it works. This new beat adds a different meaning to the song. The lyrics are all about moving on from a failed relationship. The song states, “I’ll be higher without you now, keeping up a life somehow… feeling alright somehow”. This lack of confidence and uncertainty on how to feel plays with the beat’s wonkiness. The beat feels like it’s second guessing each step. It caused me to question the true meaning of the lyrics. It’s like the vocalist is trying to convince them self  they’ll be okay when the beats speak otherwise. This brilliantly wonky track is available as a free download off SoundCloud. Enjoy.


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