Need to spice up your Monday afternoon a bit? This new remix has been shuffling around my library the past week and it finally dawned on me that you guys would really dig the vibes indaskyes and Mikey Pear Tree put on Backbone’s ‘Poppin Rubberbands’. Bringing in some bubbly bass and slathering it all over this hyphy tune you’re guaranteed to be up and on your feet in no time. This is the first collaborative effort from these two budding producers and boy do we like where they took this one. Though I’m not very familiar with Mikey Pear Tree you can certainly hear some distinct flavors from indaskyes as this new free tune works its way through your eardrums.

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1 Comment on "Poppin Rubberbands (indaskyes & Mikey Pear Tree Remix) – Backbone [FREE DL]"

  1. YEEEE! Thanks for helping the world get more hyphy, much appreciated!

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