download (1)What do you get when two of the most innovative tech-house producers in the scene decide to collaborate behind their studio’s decks? A fist-pumping, body-jacking track that perfectly defies the conventional sounds of house and is sure to make repeated appearances on club dance-floors around the world.  UK natives James Ford and James Shaw are the masterminds behind their highly successful, house-fed brainchild, Simian Mobile Disco, whose imprint in the global house scene has landed them collabs with the likes of Bicep, John Tejada and most recently Cosmin TRG.  Born in Romanian and currently residing in Berlin, Cosmin Nicolae has been producing innovative techno blueprints since his breakthrough in 2007, under the name of Cosmin TRG. It comes at no surprise that Simian Mobile Disco looked to Cosmin TRG in the desire to collaborate on a two track EP, whose first track “Surströmming” meticulously blends the sounds of Detroit techno and Chicago house in it’s 8 minutes of fame.

In 2009, Simian Mobile Disco took it upon themselves to establish their own exotically bizarre imprint and traveling party, known by the name of Delicacies. Just as the name suggests, Delicacies is an audio representation of the world’s strangest cuisines which have inspired SMD on their musical ventures across the globe. The most recent addition to their menu of Delicacies comes the EP’s lead track with Cosmin TRG, titled “Surströmming”. The culinary inspired track is coined after the famous Swedish delicacy of tinned, fermented sour herring, which is often known as the world’s most putrid smelling dish. The bubbling, queasy tones of the track’s synth reflect the uneasy feeling one gets when smelling this selective dish; have no fear however, “Surströmming” will be much kinder to your ears than to your pallet.

The two track EP is scheduled to release on Delicacies December 9th, in both digital and 11 inch vinyl form. Treat yourself on this fine Monday afternoon by streaming the stellar techno track on the SoundCloud link below.


Simian Mobile Disco on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Cosmin TRG on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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