I think you guys will be stoked on this new exclusive we got our hands on today! Now we know it isn’t everyday that we churn out exclusive hip hop tracks for you guys but every now and then when we do it’s always a welcomed sight. NYC hip hop head T-Shyne was so hyped on this one he wanted to get it out to the public as soon as possible so we’re making that happen. Looking to turn up early this week? ‘Move #’s’ is just what you need to make that happen. T-Shyne has been making waves in the NYC scene over the past year so it makes us happy we’re a go to when he is trying to get something out to his fans quickly like this. If you’re looking for a new anthem to bump while you ride out today, regardless of your hustle, this is exactly what you need. Heavy lyrics smeared over a spacey beat leave us with an all together well rounded track that you guys can scoop for free thanks to T-Shyne!

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