No matter where in the world you go right now there is an endless number of labels all pushing music that is at the forefront of its particular scene. Cosmonostro is a French imprint that is doing just that, and seemingly making some ripples throughout Europe by doing so. Their aim is not to change the game but to construct an entirely new game as they bring forth unseen talent from the woodwork. This latest release from them comes not from France but from the further reaches of Germany! Persian Empire is a young producer that has definitely tapped into a good vein with his latest ‘Safe Often EP.’ Through organizing layers of found sounds, stacking them with haunting piano, and smearing on some ghostly shifted vocals Persian Empire has definitely begun to carve himself a unique niche. With a sound quite reminiscent of James Blake and Mount Kimbie we are sure this young producer will see some success in the future. You can follow the link below on over to Cosmonostro’s Facebook page to get your hands on each track but until then let yourself be soothed and harmonized by Persian Empire.

Persian Empire on Facebook | SoundCloud


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