Over the past few weeks we have steadily been stoking the fire beneath Seclusiasis and Level 4’s digitally based Street Bass Festival and now the time is finally upon us. Reigning in producers from the all around the globe that are on the cutting edge of the music scene we are sure to hear some special sets over the next two days. With such a diverse line up of artists sprawled before us it wouldn’t be surprising  to some of us if a couple of these producers are brand new to you and your eardrums. Considering that may be the case we have a special showcase for you over the next two days; we had a word with each artist on the bill to see what they have been up to and what they think about being a part of this digitally based festival. Now each day the music doesn’t kick off until 6pm EST so be sure to tune in here earlier in the day if you want a better idea of who you will be catching in the evening. With that being said let us bring to you our first waves of artists! Today we have words from MartyParty, Aquadrop & Mace, Knight Riderz, DJ Cable, and King to tide everyone over until the party starts tonight so dive on in and see what the have up their sleeves.

Tune in HERE at 6pm EST

6pm Aquadrop & Mace
7pm DJ Cable
8pm King
9pm Knight Riderz
10pm MartyParty


▲ Aquadrop & Mace ▲:
TD: Being that you guys are both from Italy are you able to meet up IRL to get tackle this B2B set?
Aquadrop: At the moment we’re working a lot on some personal projects and, unfortunately, there wasn’t the occasion to meet us and make a b2b.. so we decided to “cut” the mix in two different parts. Sad thing, but we’re hard workers hahaha :)

TD: So Aquadrop we can expect your next release to debut via ‘Trap and Bass’ are you excited about this opportunity
Aquadrop: Yeah I’m super excited about this release! They put out some of the best Trap-oriented music every day.. they have a great “quality control”. So yeah, I’m sure it will be a big thing. Stay tuned, release date is December 2th and you can preview / preorder the double single right now on iTunes > Here

TD: Mace, last time we touched base was right before the ‘Philly Love Affair’ EP  dropped. How has the public been receiving your last release?
Mace: Great! Good reviews, good feedbacks…plus it works great every time I drop it on a dancefloor 😉 but I’m working on a lot of new stuff that I’m really looking forward to show you!

▲DJ Cable ▲:
TD: With the year winding down what can we look to see from you in the last few months of 2013?
C: I’ve got a couple of bits dropping soon – a remix of Slick Don & DECiBEL’s “Work It” for Four40 Records, plus a remix of Majestic’s “Creeping In The Dark” for Speakerbox, “Cartridge VIP” on the next “Choice Cuts 3” compilation from Slit Jockey,. Other than that, I’ve got my annual Hip Hop mix dropping in December, so keep an eye out for that.
2014 is going to be more focused on original production, rather than remixes. Expect another EP or two on Slit Jockey in the near future!
TD: It’s really amazing how we can have producers from all around the world contribute to this ‘Digital Festival’, is this the first time you have been involved in a music experience of this sort?
C: Yeah this is my first time, and I’m really glad to be a part of it. It’s a really interesting concept – it’ll be nice to tune into everyone’s sets from the comfort of my own living room, without having to endure the mud, rain, over-priced drinks, and college kids on molly, lol! Jokes aside, it’s a great way for people to discover new music and new artists.
▲ KING ▲:
TD: Coming from somewhere like Vegas do you think this Digital Festival idea could flourish in a city where everything tends to be set at such a fast pace?
K: That’s the great thing about a digi-fest!  You don’t have to be there physically.  It doesn’t have to be in a “city” per se.  You can enjoy the music the same if you are in Japan, London, or Vegas!
TD: When you found out you would be a part of this Street Bass Digital Festival did you have to do anything different when it came down to preparing this set?
K: I knew there would be a LOT of really good “Street Bass” being represented, and I immediately thought of how I could stand apart.  So, I’m putting together a really vibey, lovey-dovey, afterhours / sunrise type set with a bunch of R&B, Soul, and Garage.  Grown folks music with a few surprises!

▲ Knight Riderz ▲:

TD: You just dropped a new single ‘Fall in Love’ that has seemed to spread like wildfire around the web, were you expecting this kind of reception by the public?
KR: Not really as its not what people are used to from Knight Riderz but Im certainly happy it did. Mad love to everyone who has supported it thus far!
TD: We saw that you mentioned you were shooting a video for the same track. Any details you can shed light on on that front?
KR: The video was shot all in one day a few weeks back around my home town of Edmonton. We ended up catching the last of our picturesque autumn season here and it really made for the perfect back drop. My friend Kathrine Bessette aka Kahtja who did vocals on ‘Fall In Love’ stars in it with our friend Andre and as you may have guessed its a love story. You can follow me on instagram at knightriderz_ to see some pictures from the day. Ill be posting some more closer to release as well. Were aiming for early Dec. but its in the editing process right now so stay tuned!


▲ MartyParty ▲:
TD: You have been touring like mad this year, can we look to see this slow up a bit after the New Year or are you going to keep the tour engine revved up?
MP: Always man – so many shows coming up – I tour with PANTyRAiD through December then finish my next MartyParty album Dec/Jan and then tour with Joker February/March 2014. Thats gonna be sick, he is one of my favorites, then we will tour PANTyRAiD again for Summer 2014 and so on :) So fun! So much new music to play.

TD: We just saw a new single from you at the beginning of the month, when can we look to see this new album debuted to the public?
MP: I’ve written 13 songs since PillowTalk and this is them, I’m going to mix and master them in December and release them as a full length around New Year. Cant wait – this is a very timeless collection I feel. Im going to play most of them on my MartyParty tour. PUMPED. Enjoy.
Until then I have a huge release with Starkey coming out 11/26 on my label – look out for Hydraulic + Custom Everything – These are killing the club right now :) and then I’m dropping a mix for Seclusiasis on this Street Bass DigiFest – watch out for that – and then I release MLKMNY with my homie TK Kayembe – that sweet sweet soulful project drops before new year as well.

Thanks for the words – lets keep rolling – MP

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