We have just been all over the globe this week! Puddle jumping back over to France real quick we wanted to shine a light on the French singer songwriter Ledeunff‘s latest EP ‘My Storm’. This EP debuted at the beginning of November but it just managed to find its way through my eardrums the other day. This talented musician brings us a fresh easy going vibe throughout the entirety of ‘My Storm’ as he and his guitar provide most of the driving force behind each track. With some guest appearances from features to remixes we see some really quality material through and through on this release. On top of having a voice somewhat reminiscent of Chet Faker I was stuck almost as soon as I dove into the first track. Through honing in on the distinct electronic elements and providing us with catchy lyrics this EP is a very easy listen and could very easily find itself into my daily playlist. That being said we’re sure many of you will fall in love with Ledeunff if you have yet to be wooed.

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