As you may have caught up on yesterday we have teamed up with east coast based Seclusiasis and the west coast based Level4 PR to bring you their first Street Bass Digital Festival that is being hosted on Mixify. Yesterday we shed some light on the fact that we would be bringing you a special artist showcase each day to familiarize those unknowing listeners out there with whom will be gracing the decks with a set over the two day period. With day one hardly behind us we can now usher in the talent that is making this second day of music possible. Wrapped up in this final installment we get a minute to chat with DJ Pound, ill-esha, Mr. Mitch, Distal, and Seclusiasis founders Starkey & Dev79 all before their sets this evening. Similar to yesterday you can check out what each of these artists is about before you tune in later this evening for the party!

Tune in HERE at 6pm EST

6pm Mr. Mitch
7pm Distal
8pm DJ Pound
9pm ill-esha
10pm Starkey & Dev79


 Mr. Mitch ▲:
TD: You recently had a little slot on Rinse FM for the ‘5 Years on Rinse’ anniversary show, when can we look to see some of that unreleased material seep forth to the public?
Mr. M:
 Yeah that little set was a bit of a showcase of that vibe I’m on at the moment. There were a few bits from my Peace Dubs free download that I just put out and then a couple of other dubs which will see the light in the new year.

TD: Is this your first time being a part of an online broadcast such as this Digital Festival?
Mr. M: Yeah this is the first time I’ve been part of an online festival, I’m interested to see how it will all go down. I’m always up for exploring the ways in which people digest their music.


▲ Distal ▲:
TD: You’re just wrapping up a little jaunt with Clicks & Whistles and Mite, how did that go?
D: Yeah we’re nearing the end right now of a 6 show run in Miami on Thursday ! We played a couple big events and some more smaller low-key spots so the range of shows and venues was pretty dense for such a short run. We went from a giant warehouse one night to a small gay club the next.

Being on the road with Petey (Clicks) and Ethan (Mite) is a laugh riot from start to finish. Everyone’s personalities are completely different so it makes for just a hilarious road experience. So when we’re all up there doing our thing it shows how much fun we’re having. Seriously love these guys and what we’re doing. Wish it happened more often.

TD: We recently saw ‘The Shadow Egg’ EP debut a few months ago, can we look to see any more new material before 2013 draws to a close?
D: Definitely. I’ve got a Cassette Tape / Digital release with Mite coming out in a few weeks (Dec. 3rd) entitled ‘Concrete Space EP’ Keep on the lookout for the announcement!

▲ DJ Pound ▲:
TD: What is different about getting ready for a ‘digtal set’ vs. getting ready for any other live set you might be spinning?

P: For a ” digital ” set I take longer to make the playlist to make the recording as clean as possible because the listener will have plenty of times to listen to the work. For live sets I freestyle a lot more turntablism tricks and selection that is more fun to watch in person and enjoy at a party or club at that moment.

TD: Is this something you are looking to do again in the future//do you see this becoming a more relevant platform for music performance?
 Yea I see myself doing more of these in the future because I think performances over the Internet will become more popular as time goes on. People will probably have Internet synced into their eyes in the future and eat through email.

▲ ill-esha ▲:
TD: You have recently been touring with Bassnectar and Beats Antique, are they good company on the road or what?
I: Well Beats Antique immediately sold my soul to Les Claypool and now I’m burning in Claymation hell, so I’ll get back to you if i become a flesh and blood human being again.  Bassnectar is trying to be more eco friendly so he made me run inside a hamster wheel to power his buses.

Other than that, I’m having a fabulous time.

TD: After a gig with Minnesota it seems to be fairly quiet on the live show front for you until the New Year (unless we are mistaken), what can we look to see from Ill-esha in 2014?
Actually I’ve been on tour since beginning of September and I still have gigs in Indiana, Illinois, Vancouver BC and a festival in Oregon all before NYE in Nashville so if that’s quiet, man, I’m afraid of the spring!  I’ll be doing some co headline touring and most likely hitting SXSW in Austin, but I’m hoping to take some much needed time off to finish a couple of albums, focusing more on lyrical songs and hip hop.


▲ Starkey & Dev79 ▲:
TD: First off, thank you guys for making this possible! I want to start by asking what brought this idea to mind in the first place?
Dev79: We’d seen a number of other labels and promoters get involved with doing Mixify fests and we’d both contributed sets to Made In Glitch‘s fest last spring. We had a positive experience and saw a lot of cool potentials brewing, so we wanted to jump in and bring our flavor.

Starkey: We have this street bass music concept that we’ve been pushing for some years now, and I think now more than ever with all the crazy mini genres that people are throwing out, street bass is just that will encompassing phrase that describes what we are in to. So this just seems like a great way to showcase that.
TD: Is this something you guys wanted to put together as a one time event or is  this an event format you would like to maybe attempt again in the future?
Dev79: Would definitely like to make the Street Bass Digital Festival a regular occurring thing in some capacity. And we’d also like to transfer this into the physical world, presenting live Street Bass showcases all around the world and ideally being able to stream them in some way.  
Starkey: Yeah, what 79 said. Ha.

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