We all know you guys love being turned on to new producers so whenever we stumble across a gem in the rough some of you might go without noticing we can’t help but bring them to your attention. Brooklyn based producer Kevin Speltz is just that gem in the rough today! Even though some of you may be familiar with his production as Oh Tebins I’m sure most of you have yet to hear about this talented glitch hop and drum n bass producer. Whether Oh Tebins is a new sound to your eardrums or not his most recent release ‘Sleep Helmet Remixes’  that just debuted via Street Ritual is that perfect introduction. The title track ‘Sleep Helmet’ lures us in by conjuring an airy spacey dreamscape that soon slides into a mellow dance floor driving beat. ‘Back Fat Donor’ and ‘Cursive On The Phone’ continue the downtempo vibe by frothing forth with all sorts of unique laid back spacey vibes. The following remixes that back up the originals wrapped up on this release are the perfect counterpart to Oh Tebin’s production qualities, as each producer truly makes each track their own. Having brought on Tha FruitbatDuffreyLe MotiBlue SunshineParadigm Theorem, and GrymeTyme to remix on of the three originals we got a very diverse span of sound. Be sure to check out the VIP Oh Tebins slid in there himself as well as you’re coasting through this quality release from Street Ritual.

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