c66f9d1e (1)As we are approaching the end of 2013 Evian Christ is emerging from the shadows of electronic music and moving into the limelight. Although I will not get into what I think of Yeezus and Kanye West, this talented young producer reigning from the United Kingdom was a crucial part of Kanye’s exceptional production team. Joshua Leary is not your typical small town 22 year old Brit; in fact he’s one of the furthest things imaginable from typical. It baffles me that even Leary’s close friends had no knowledge of his Evian Christ moniker as the English beatmaker raised eyebrows gaining attention through his Youtube uploads. I had the pleasure of seeing Leary perform at Pitchfork Music festival in Chicago this summer, and really look forward to seeing how this talented producer progresses.

Evian Christ sits alongside Clams Casino, Forrest Swords, Holy Other, The Haxan Cloak, AlunaGeorge, and others on the Tri Angle Records Label showcasing a multitude of dark, ominous, electronic music. If you’re into experimental type shit, Tri Angle is something I highly recommend checking out. Evian Christ is always pushing the boundaries of modern electronic music and is quickly developing his niche in the current trap scene. “Salt Carousel” is reminiscent of of a TNGHT style trap anthem, but with a melodic 45 second interlude allowing the listener to refresh themselves with a breath of fresh air before the crash of organized chaos Evian Christ his your eardrums with.


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