This is exciting news; a new Cashmere Cat release is on it’s way!  The young Norwegian producer has become one of the hottest producers of the year without a doubt.  Listeners were gushing about the Mirror Maru EP, and literally drooling over the “Do You…” remix.  And those that were able to catch the mysterious cat live this year said nothing but good things.  It’s really no surprise either, the Cat has been releasing material that has been refreshing and boundary-pushing.  Cashmere Cat teased us back on October 22nd by tweeting, “A year ago today I put out my very first records, Mirror Maru.  This feels like a good day to tell you I just finished a new EP…”  We knew it was only a matter of time before details started emerging, and alas, they’re here.  The new Cashmere Cat extended-play, Wedding Bells, will be available January 2014 via LuckyMe Records.  The first single from the release, “With Me” gives us more of the Cat we know and love.  We start with sappy piano-piece that soon transitions into a more uplifting melody and big bass thumps.  Then we get the shimmering synth-work and r&b flavors that will delight any long-time fan.  The Cat also gives us percussion that sounds like street performers banging on distorted buckets in unison.  All-in-all, Cashmere Cat is back and he hasn’t lost the tough we’ve all come to love.

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