There’s no shortage of tunes from the Wedidit crew.  Following massive Boiler Room and Diplo & Friends appearances around Halloween, the Wedidit Collective is getting some major attention.  One of the regulars on the crew is D33J. Born Djavan Santos, D33J splits time between San Fran and Los Angeles.  Not that it should be a surprise, but Djavan is responsible for giving his fans refreshing new tastes in music.  Whether an original or remix, D33J’s final products sound like no other.  If you’re new to D33J, give his latest EP, Gravel, a chance.  On his newest remix, we’re given a hip-hop lullaby that will gently caress your hard-ass to sleep in no time.  It’s straight up a relaxing track despite what the original sounds like.  The remix begins with some soft hazy sounds paired with off-time percussion.  Soon, an always auto-tuned Chief Keef enters the track.  What I find amazing is that D33J has somehow make Keef’s voice soar in certain instances.  This may be a stretch, but at certain points Keef’s vocals even transcend hip-hop and become something in the pop realm.  I know, weird right?  Give the track a listen and get back to me. Either way, Djavan has created a new remix that will be on repeat for weeks to come, listen and download below.

Download: Citgo (D33J Gasoline Feelings Remix) – Chief Keef


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