If you need some abstract glitched out bass music smeared all over your Monday, this is the ticket. Just recently Freddy Todd dropped the curtains on the first segment of ‘The Collabo Series’ and boy does this sound like it will be a tasty installment whenever a new volume crops up. If you couldn’t catch on by the title of the compilation, each of these tunes were made between Freddy Todd and a close musical colleague of his. Being that he gives us tunes with ThriftworksRobotic Pirate Monkey, Samples, and kLL sMTH for the first installment only gets us excited for who might be on board for the next volume.  Now these aren’t projects that were worked on over a long period of time, each track was worked on in a matter of days when the producers could find time between touring and other gigs to sit down an experiment with sound. That being said, all of these tunes aren’t necessarily new either, the Samlpes track for example was written back in 2010 when the two had their first gig together. The tracks vary greatly due to the fact each track was made at a completely different point in time, in varying locations, and spruced up differently by each producer. Dive on in to this four track smorgasbord of  glitched out bass as you bump your way through this brisk Monday.

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