avatars-000010859348-73yj98-t500x500Something that has come to my attention more and more is all talented musicians will eventually blow up organically via the internet if their music is dope; Electric Mantis as case and point. Time after time I stumble across a little known artist with a multitude of sick tracks that are quickly discovered via SoundCloud reposts and blogs posts. However, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an artist with few followers on SoundCloud explode overnight like Electric Mantis has done with “Flips And Flops, Drips And Drops”. Many shitty artists are constantly sending their tracks to blogs, promoters, and other producers in hopes they will get “put on” by someone with a large audience reach. This approach works for some artists, but the reality is if you make good music you will organically gain plays and exposure. The way SoundCloud is designed allows for tracks to be reposted and shared with a wider audience, and I’ve discovered a plethora of artists in this fashion.

Electric Mantis is a name I had never heard until Djemba Djemba reposted “Flips And Flops, Drips And Drops” recently, and I was blown away. This 20 year old Portland based producer acknowledged this sudden mass of exposure via Reddit music (read here).  The combination of organic SoundCloud reposting and Reddit caused this young producer to reach nearly 200,000 plays in just a couple days, and rightfully so. Reminiscent of Cashmere Cat and Flume, I foresee this Portland based producer reaching heights previously unimaginable to himself.

“Flips And Flops, Drips And Drops” is an interesting, yet fitting name for this track as it seems to possess all of the aforementioned qualities. This track starts out with some XXYYXX-esque drowning synths, and layer after layer of awesomeness is added to the mix. Just as the tune gains some energy, the percussion is stripped away and listeners are left anxiously awaiting the 1:11 mark where the 160 bpm beat comes into play with perfectly timed claps, blips, synth chimes, chopped vocals, lazer sounds and more as everything is laced amongst one another flawlessly.

Grab the free download or in Electric Mantis’ words “If you want to give me money for whatever weird reason there’s a pay what you want for the track here_______________________________________________

Electric Mantis on Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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