Amine Edge & DANCE Our G-House Sauce

Sleazy Deep launched its all new sub-label Sleazy G today with an absolutely vicious EP from none other than the G-house godfathers themselves, Amine Edge & DANCE. Hands-down my most anticipated label of 2013, Sleazy G promises to provide only the most gangster deep house out. With the likes of Sirus Hood, Clouded Judgement, and Vintage Culture already being signed, it’s clear that label-head Rob Made has some seriously huge plans for the future.

The Our G-House Sauce EP starts off with a remix of Frank Ocean‘s “Lost” that is absolutely guaranteed to get your body moving. Combining a bouncing bassline, with droning G-funk synths, and Frank Ocean’s distinguishably soulful vocals, Amine Edge & DANCE really brought it with this track. The next song, “Rack City Bitch” is much of what you would expect from a G-house remix of Tyga‘s hit 2011 single. What I really like about this remix is that Amine Edge & DANCE improved the already recognizable bassline, rather than changing it completely. Adding a hint of acid-house from time to time, this track is simply a crowd-pleaser that will get the dancefloor going. “Let It Bump” is my personal favorite track of the album, and sees Amine Edge & DANCE remix Missy Elliot‘s 2003 hit by the same name. Unleashing a ruthless bassline, perfectly-chopped vocals, and great sound animation, Amine Edge & DANCE show why their the leaders in G-house with this one. Finally, the EP closes out with a dark and relentless remix of Zebra Katz‘s track “Ima Read.” Originally released on Mad Decent‘s sub-label Jeffree, Amine Edge & DANCE take the vocals and chop them in the most gangster way possible. With the phrase “Ima read that Bitch” toying its way into the track between bars from Zebra Katz and Njena Red Foxxx, Amine Edge & DANCE once again provide us with a dancefloor filling track for the peak of sets.

All-in-all, this is one of the best releases of 2013, and is sure to give you G-house fans out there exactly what you want, party-popping tracks with recognizable vocals. With absolutely massive releases lined up in the near future, be sure to follow Sleazy G/Sleazy Deep on Facebook and SoundCloud for all the latest updates. Also don’t forget to follow Amine Edge & DANCE on SoundCloud, as they often give away free tracks to their followers (“Lost” was released for free a few months ago via their SoundCloud before it got signed).

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