Imperial March VIP - Dirt Monkey

Imperial March VIP – Dirt Monkey

After posting Dirt Monkey‘s original edit of the “Imperial March” over 2 years ago, it wasn’t until last week that I first heard the “Imperial March VIP”. In the last 10 days or so, fellow Colorado-dubsteppers Shank AaronCoult 45, and Omeguh have all dropped this bass-busting edit at live performances that I have attended in the Boulder/Denver areas. However, other than within those select settings, and due to its potential to truly decimate galaxies, this VIP has been a real tight-knit secret between those that work with its evil originator. However today, after what seemed like months of waiting, the dark lord himself has finally decided to reward all of his bass-hungry followers with a free download of his cosmic drumstep re-edit! Just keep in mind that with all things that is Dirt Monkey, both he and The Dankles cannot be held responsible for any and all damages to speakers, housing infrastructures, relationships, or any other arbitrary aspects of your life affected by playing this new remix out. If you can handle that, then prepare yourself for the power and darkness of the new-and-improved “Imperial March VIP”!

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