No matter how many variations I could possibly hear on a Disclosure track, I can’t help but love them all. UK-garage boss Wookie‘s take adds a steady snare and alters the piano chords a bit, but still maintains the original danceable vibe. Wookie is a dude from London who’s been in and out of the scene for a little while now, losing interest when the politics become more important than the music. However, he’s back from his hiatus and has produced for Ray Foxx, Sia, and Justin Timberlake. If you’re a big UK-garage fan I’d definitely keep an eye out for him as this song alone is proof that he is making a come back. You could say this track is ever so slightly different from the original, but hearing the similarities between the two tracks is what makes you realize how utterly different they are.

Listen / Download : Voices (Wookie Remix) – Disclosure


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