james_blake04_website_image_kfpa_wuxga2013 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for UK producer, James Blake. Blake was the recipient of the highly regarded Mercury prize subsequent to the release of Overgrown as judges deemed his sophomore album  “inventive, poetic and poignant”. I highly recommend jumping on any opportunity to see this extremely talented 25 year old musical savant; I promise it will be unlike any show you’ve seen previously (read our show here).

Using his Harmonix alias, James Blake gives us a another stellar remix, and this time it’s of Destiny Child‘s “Bills, Bills, Bills”. Blake’s remix revamps the original with a fresh new syncopated drum beat & his typical sexually blissful production underneath his vocal rendition of the original song’s hook. This track is not new, but this is the first time a quality version of the song has been made available, and for that, we thank you James Blake.


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