artworks-000063790319-8exjxs-t500x500Tri Angle Records has pretty much become my favorite electronic music label, as they seem to have some of the darkest, most experimental music out there. Forest Swords‘ debut album, Engravings, is a daunting, ominous, yet balanced genre-melding composition. The man behind Forest Swords, Matthew Barnes, suffered from a hearing problem during the construction of Engravings, causing his new songs to sound different to him with each listen; perhaps this is what gives his debut LP the ill-omened flavor it possesses.

Lee “Scratch” Perry seems an unlikely individual to remix a Forest Swords track, but it works well. This Seminole Jamaican reggae producer adds a deep, bouncing bassline and spoken word vocals I sometimes find hard to understand. Perry’s first words on the track, “I hate evil energy”, seems ironic to me because Forest Swords seems to evoke evil energy; maybe ridding “Thor’s Stone” of evil energy was his reason for procuring this remix.

The original:

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