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Katy B speaks for most of us when she pleads for “lovin’ like valium.” A tall order, but lucky for us lonely folk, T and Sugah’s saccharine liquid drum n’ bass remix of “5AM” by Katy B offers all the lovin’ we need. T and Sugah’s energetic rendition accentuates Katy B’s lyrical desperation – the beauty of chaos, of course, is most profound at 175 BPM. T and Sugah capture the essence of the original song in this bittersweet liquid remix. This intoxicating track will have you skipping through the streets even in the midst of heartbreak.

Amsterdam duo T and Sugah are new names in drum n’ bass, but that’s already changing following 5AM’s explosion on Liquicity’s sacred Youtube channel. Can’t get enough?  Check out T and Sugah’s guest mix for the Dutch Bass Community, available as a free download via SoundCloud. And if you’re addicted to this remix, give the emerging producers the lovin’ they deserve by liking their Facebook page.


T and Sugah on Facebook | Soundcloud

1 Comment on "5AM (T and Sugah Remix) – Katy B"

  1. This remix is super DOPE! I’m gonna have to check out more of their stuff! SERIOUSLY!!! Great work!

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