Just last weekend on November 23rd we took a trip down to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in the heart of Denver to attend a show sold out show that a few of us had been awaiting very patiently since our last run in with this candid bunch back at Sonic Bloom this past summer. With a large crowd frothing about Cervantes when we showed up we knew it would be a packed evening. To kick things off Lynx took the stage to help everyone settle in. Her gentle mellow-toned music allowed for an easy start to the night. Her song ‘Rising Tide ft. Beats Antique‘ was a real hit during her set, until the end when she revealed that she was not only an awesome singer but also a pretty dope beat boxer as she began spackling the crowd with rhymes.

[Just to give you a taste of Lucent Dossier]

Next up was Welder, a side project of Brendan Angelides aka Eskmo. Welder uses organic bass sewn in with funky down tempo beats to create a truly unique auditory experience to couple with his music and live performance. As Welder got the place moving, you could tell that a majority of this wonky crowd was sensing that the headlining set was drawing near and the Lucient Dossier Experience would soon grace the stage.



Lucient Dossier, a group coming out of the Los Angles area with a style entirely their own. This cavalcade of talented artists come at us in the form of an avant-garde electronic circus group that will not hesitate to pull out all the stops. This group has an array of performers from dancers, to aerial artists, and stilt walkers who have a truly unique style to their movement while performing. Bringing out all sorts of the props to make their performance truly extravagant, from trapeze artists to a man spinning around in a giant metal hula-hoop, this show is one of a kind. Not only are the performance aspects awesome but the music is a welcomed backdrop as well. The DJ’s that back the group do a great job of conjuring fitting soundscapes for the show that range from dubstep with live instrumental elements to eerie soundtrack like electronica. To say this least this is definitely not an act to miss if their coming through a city near you!

Last up for the night was Love & Light, a talented duo that came all the way from Reno, NV to warp our minds further as the show eventually drew to a close. These guys really got Cervantes riled up as people left and right were getting down to the crunchy bass vibes oozing onto the dance floor from the decks of  this awesome duo. To say the least this show was not one to miss! Lucent Dosier doesn’t exactly showcase their talent all that often outside of the festival circuit so be sure to take advantage of one of their next two shows if you happen to be on the west coast.

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