The Gainsville, Florida resident Michael Maleki has been keeping his music wrapped up in a low profile for a while now, but we think it’s time, he’s given a bigger spotlight.  This young producer needs attention because his sound demands it.  Most producers has trouble finding a cohesive sound that runs throughout their material; some producers never find that sound.  On the other hand we have Kodak To Graph, who, for a while now has been pumping out consistently phenomenal synth-pop/dream-pop music.  The genre is an acquired taste, but once that taste becomes familiar it will become all you will ever want. Kodak To Graph’s newest tune is “Glaciaa”, a near five minute build with a cascading and glorious finish.  The track sparkles and shines bright with touches of soft lo-fi synth-work.  The tune soon builds into a memorizing beat that is lush with hazy sounds and r&b flavor.  Those looking for instrumentals done right have to look no further.

“Glaciaa was written to accompany tilt shift footage taken from my first North American tour with Hundred Waters and Braids. Watch the video here:


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