Over the past few months you would have had to be a good distance away from a radio to not have heard Lorde‘s catchy anthem ‘Royals’ stroll through your ears. Whether you can’t get enough of the track or have truly had enough of it like many people, this reprise from An-Ten-Nae is soothingly refreshing. Having seen a few other remixes surface, including one from Rick Ross, I can solidly say this is my favorite version of the track. Bay Area acid crunk maestro An-Ten-Nae just recently stitched up this off kilter take on ‘Royals’ where he takes the tune in an entirely different direction. The original production is almost entirely dropped out as elements of a soothing string orchestra are slide in behind Lodre’s hauntingly addictive lyrics. We are sure this will be much more appealing than the original for some of you so even if you knocked ‘Royals’ ever other time you heard it give An-Ten-Nae’s rendition one last shot!

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