Nashville producer, Drexler, teamed up with fellow Nashville-based folk band, Traveller, to create a hauntingly beautiful edit of their song “Animal.” Les Priest, also known as one-half of the electronic duo, WRLDS, is exploring the dreamy side of electronic pop music as Drexler, his solo project in which he chose to tackle “Animal” as his latest edit. The song is lushly atmospheric, starting off with echoed, minimal harmonizing from one of the female vocalists of Traveller. As the song builds, Drexler emphasizes the dreamy-sounding vocals, creating a beautiful and somewhat-melancholy sounding composition.The lyrics are powerful beginning from the repetition of “I’m sorry I can’t love you,” to the chorus where the vocalist laments that she is “pushing away,”  yet wants her love “to stay.” The song is captivating, and it’s a great indicator of what’s to come from this producer. With two remixes under his belt and more on the way, Drexler is a name to remember.

Listen: Animal (Drexler Remix) – Traveller 


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