You may find yourself wandering into this post in an attempt to answer a question that we have been asking ourselves for some time now, “What’s up with King Fantastic and when will Reese be back from his stay over at Avenal State Prison?” Well today we have that answer for you; Reese will be breathing in that fresh and freedom-filled air in early 2014! As a thank you to each and every one of his fans supporting him while away, he will be releasing a new mixtape promptly entitled ‘Call My Lawyer’. Now what we have here is a forty minute mix of seamless King Fantastic bootlegs, edits, originals, and remixes that can hopefully tide you all over until Reese is out and cranking out new material with Troublemaker like a mad man. Whether you’re making your way home from work or just cruising this mix will definitely be a great addition if you need something to ride to today. So turn those speakers up and keep your eyes peeled come 2014 for some new heat from one and only King Fantastic!

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