Looking for a little bouncy glitched out space bass to spruce up your Tuesday evening? California’s Digital Rust has just dropped a new  EP and it’s just what you need. In my book Digital Rust is up there in the ranks with Tipper when it comes to producers that can concoct otherworldly soundcapes that truly take you off to another plane of existence so expect be taken for a ride. It seems as if it’s been a long time since we have seen any new material ebbe forth from Rust’s crates so ‘Dusk’ is quite refreshing. Consisting of two solid tracks from Digital Rust with an accompanying remix from Ratchet this EP is just what I needed to get my week jump started. If your speakers can get louder than crank them up because you are about be taken on a wild auditory adventure through the cosmos with Digital Rust as your guide through ‘Dusk’.

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