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We know you guys love stumbling across talented up and coming producers before they make a name for themselves in the public eye so we thought we would make things a little easier for you today. Instead of going and picking through SoundCloud trying to find that one gem in the rough, we thought we would blow the crust away for you and let this guy shine! Being that we just recently broke 10,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook we thought we should get something together in return to thank you guys; while we’re stilling working on what exactly that will be we decided this exclusive should definitely tide you over for a bit.

Coming at us right from our own backyard in Boulder, Focal Point has a crisp production style that I know many of you Pretty Lights Music fans will be smitten by. Through chopping soulful vocal samples, tying in smooth horn melodies, and layering all that with a nice foundation of bouncing bass Focal Point has definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. ‘Easy Streets’ is a song that was very close to this producer but he decided last minute that this would be the one to share with you guys. Being that Focal Point has yet to share many of his other hidden secrets with the public you guys best feel special! If you like what you’re hearing from Focal Point be sure you catch him at his first show at the Fox Theatre here in Boulder where he is opening for K Theory this January. Another secret we can let you in on is that this gifted young producer has way more where this came from so be sure to see his name around a lot more come 2014.

Get tickets to K Theory w/ Turner Jackson and Focal Point

Focal Point on Facebook | SoundCloud
Artwork by: katherine@createtwo.com


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