A little while back when Flume and Chet Faker announced they would be collaborating on an upcoming EP the web was immediately buzzing. Being that both of these artists have had huge years this was something we all wanted to lay an ear on. Alas the curtains were dropped on the project last week as ‘Lockjaw’ finally saw the public eye, coupled with an oh so entrancing video for the opening track ‘Drop the Game’ (thought that was released a bit earlier). What we were left with is a very solid three track EP consisting of crisp clear production from Flume that is layered with Chet Faker’s now distinct vocal tones. Treading water in the realms of smooth sultry R&B vibes while drifting into some poppy elements in the closing track we couldn’t help but bring this release to your attention if it managed to slip on by. Also it wasn’t until recently you could stream the whole EP straight through on Future Classic‘s SoundCloud page so that’s another added perk to waiting a few days to get this out there. All words aside though; turn up those speakers while Flume and Chet Faker take you for a stroll.

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