Chill Daze EP - Dirt Monkey

Chill Daze EP – Dirt Monkey

For those of you currently living in the Boulder/Denver area, you will most likely agree with me when I say, “IT IS DAMN COLD OUTSIDE.” I don’t know about you, but for me, this means canceling any and all plans of travel, marinating by a fireplace, and listening to Dirt Monkey‘s properly-titled new Chilly Daze EP. Unlike his previous releases, which usually contain a semi-lethal dose of heavy bass, our talented producer-friend has instead decided to release a collection of groovy and downtempo’ed tracks he has deemed as “creative overflow.” This EP, released in efforts to raise money for new studio equipment, has generously been forgone of any pre-determined price, which gives us the opportunity to “pay what you will” and support his left-winged efforts. Needless to say, what comes around goes around, so by purchasing any or all of these tunes, you will be purchasing better speakers, which will further lead to better production, and inevitably will allow Dirt Monkey to continue his streak in bass-driven mayhem. So enjoy these catchy and welcoming downtempo jams and support your local (or potentially global) talent!


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