It seems like new producers are just coming out of the woodwork daily this year. GXNXVS  just recently reached out to us with this tasty remix EP entitled ‘Lately’ and I thought it would be right up a few of your alleys. Being that he is coming to us all the way from around the globe in Australia it’s great to see how music can circulate around when a remix EP like ‘Lately’ surfaces. Tackling five different tracks that vary from R&B to hip hop you can really hear GXNXVS’ distinct touch shine though. We are whisked away into a hazy mist as GXNXVS slathers each track with his own laid back atmospheric style. Bending genres from R&B to a heavy trap laden track to close out the EP we are anxious to see what this budding producer has up his sleeves. You can swoop this EP track for track over on SoundCloud so be sure to swoop your favorites and keep an eye out for GXNXVS’ name around here again in the next few months!

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