The young midwestern producer, Pyxis, is back with a chill remix that will still get any listener bumping along to the beat.  Pyxis, a producer from Kentucky has been on radar for a few months now because of this unique sound that borders on down-tempo and dream-pop, and at times, crosses into the hip-hop instrumental realm.  Giraffage, XXYYXX and other genre blending producers are the closest comparisons to Pyxis.  He has a style that’s being crafted with each and ever track, but over the last fews months there is certainly been huge progression.  Some tracks like “Se Detendre” and his Giraffage remix are prime examples of Pyxis’ talent.  On his newest track, a remix for Alina Baraz and Galimatias, we explore more of the chill-club sounds he’s shown in the past.  A delicate intro followed by even more delicate and beautiful vocals open the track.  The track shimmers and shines all the way through with excellent synth-work and percussion.  Then, in the most climatic parts of the track, the listener is invited to dance along to the rolling, upbeat sounds.  Pyxis is surely on the right track; if you enjoyed this track listen to more on his SoundCloud.


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