Need to kick your day off with a little future bass music? Well this new project from Ven Dyke is just what you need. This exclusive comes to us from our good friends over at Drty Shdws Prjkt; a forward thinking  imprint that comes at us from the other side of the globe in Australia and is continually pushing the limits of music. ‘Chump’ comes to us off Ven Dyke’s debut EP ‘Sosa Sandwich’, a hefty fourteen track album of breakbeat bass fueled bliss. Not much is really known about this up and coming producer hailing from Amsterdam. Aside from knowing he is co-organizer of the “Back To De Toekomst” Future Beats parties & is also half of hip hop duo Flash Grimey  I can’t really tell you much more about this talented young buck. Aside from the tune we have for you today ‘Sosa Sandwich’ is stuffed with all sorts of fillings as you work your way through this release. Strolling from downtempo ambient vibes to big banging bass tracks it’s great to see some variation in Ven Dyke’s production style when this is his debut.  You can dive into ‘Chump’ right below in our exclusive stream where you can get a special free download or wonder on over to the Drty ShdwsPrjkt’s Bandcamp to check out the rest of this matter contorting album.

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