With 2014 quickly approaching that means it’s time to start laying out our plans for the new year. With all the options for New Years Eve floating around that’s a whole different story but it’s soon after that we know for a fact we will be headed down to Tucson! While many of you will still be bundled up for the winter we are taking a trip down to Arizona for the 8th Annual Gem & Jam Music and Arts Festival that takes place February 7th-9th right in the heart of Tucson.

Gem and Jam Festival 2013 from Trevor Bryen on Vimeo.

If  you have yet to hear about this landmark music and arts festival it’s about time we indulged you because it really does come around at a great time of year. Gem & Jam coincides with the annual Tuscon Gem & Mineral Show that occupies the city for the first few weeks of February every year. This is a one of a kind showcase of gems and minerals from all around the world along with being the largest gem show in the United States, so it’s safe to say there isn’t any shortage of amazing material to check out. Euphonic Conceptions has taken to melding these worlds of art, music, and minerals for this one of a kind festival experience. Being that Tucson is quite a large city this isn’t like other festival’s where you have the option of camping. To make things easier on your trip Gem & Jam has put together a few different tiers of packages that will get you into the festival and even grant you somewhere to rest your heard afterwards! You can explore those options here.

1382033_541482595929254_229216680_nArtwork by: Jonathan Solter

Gem & Jam takes over where the mineral show lets you off in a way. After a day of perusing the vendors and bumping into friends the night is enveloped by music and art as the festival gets underway. Last year we were lucky enough to cover this event as well and let us tell you, it is the perfect way to kick off the festival season in 2014! Having boasted both indoor and outdoor stages last year we can only wait and see what they pull out this time around.

noemind from Jesse Noemind on Vimeo.

Having already dropped the curtains on a hefty musical  line up I’m sure a good lot of you that have already heard of this event are excited. With their big headliners ranging from funk masters to big bass and downtempo producers it’s great to see the variety worked into this event. We can look forward to catching sets from Mimosa, Purity Ring (DJ Set), The MotetBoomboxRandom Rab (Live Band), ThriftworksBluetech, and Elliot Lipp to give you a brief taste of some of the bigger names. On top of that we are being treated to addition music from a huge vat of talent! Govinda, Supervision, Paul Basic, Russ Liquid, Love & Light, Kalya Scintilla, Unlimited Aspect, Lynx, Desert Dwellers, Soulular, Marvel Years, Insightful, Nico Luminous, Smokovich, BOGL, and still even more artists will also be joining us for this weekend of art.

601362_10200776718957456_1468241902_nArtwork by: Des10

With a musical roster that drops jaws the line up of live visual artists that will be on hand is just as mind numbing.  First I’d like to announce that both Alex Grey and Allyson Grey will be gracing us with their presence for some live painting each night. Last year it was truly amazing to see these landmark artists at work in the flesh. In addition we will also be treated to three nights of visuals by Johnathan Singer during the musical performances as well. Throughout the weekend you will also be able to get a chance to check out art from Jesse Noemind, The Welch Brothers (Jeremiah Allen Welch and Gabriel Welch), the Tribe13 GalleryJonathan Solter, Des10, and live performances from Cirque Roots. Each of these artists excel in their particular medium while at the same time constantly shifting to keep their work crisp and invigorating.

1463001_534855519939758_616325757_n Artwork by: The Welch Brothers

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