Bondax hits us with a much smoother, laid-back R&B song “Fires” featuring Josh Record. This down-tempo, original track is a Bondax-style slow jam. It’s been some time since the duo from Lancaster treated us to a new tune and, by the looks of it, they are definitely maturing their sound. While all of their other songs are upbeat, dance tracks, “Fires” proves their refined skill in blending R&B with electronic music. I like to think of Bondax as “Electro-R&B”. At such a young age, the two thriving artists show so much potential with their already broad range of music knowledge. “Fires” contains beats that actually sound like the crackling of fire melding into winding, crying, baby-making music. The track has lay-you-down vibes like a modern day Barry White anthem. Not available yet for download, however, they released their song on SoundCloud just last night.


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